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    Here's my latest How To...video:


    admittedly, it's a bit heavier and faster than IL2 models, but the end game is similar - apart from crossing the threshold at 320 Kmph

    I'm working on a How to Land Taildraggers tutorial, but I'm stumped by the lack of ground-loop medelling. Might have to defect to X-plane

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    Nice. Landing a taildragger in Il-2 "by the book" is rather futile but I still try to do it the right way.

    What I mean is, if you are interested in slowing without using the brakes you should strive to keep the nose wheel off the runway for as long as is possible.

    However, in game this does not seem to aid in slowing the plane down any quicker than if you just slam the nose wheel down asap. This is a little disappointing to me.
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