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    [23/04/2021] New update and changelog

    Hey everyone,

    We are back today with a new update in order to apply multiple fixes.
    We are also still working hard on getting the squadding up and ready as soon as possible allowing you and your friends to play matchmaking together!

    Here is the changelog:

    + Changed the menu of the campaign: you can now select a medal to compete against. You can also play alone or play against players from the world.
    + Fixed issues with the event pages.
    + Fixed an issue with the upload of maps on map review servers.
    + Fixed flags of England and Mississippi
    + Added 85 new regions of Russia
    + Fixed an issue where a player could crash after a map change
    + Fixed multiple issues in the map editor

    Thanks and see you on track!
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    Good work guys!

    A little feedback to the patch note post itself:
    It would be nice, if you write out what the problem was that got fixed.

    !Fixed an issue where a player could crash after a map change
    - this is good, it immediately tells you what the issue was before the fix (game might crash).

    !Fixed issues with the event pages
    - this one not so good. What were the issues? Did they not load correctly? Did they crash the game? Did they look awkward?

    !Fixed multiple issues in the map editor
    - again, what were the problems that got fixed? Are there still known issues that are not fixed yet? What did the issues cause on the player side?

    Would be really nice to see fully detailed patch notes (here in the forum), where everything gets told.
    They way it is now, it seems like there is something to hide from dev side, although patch notes are (at least in TM) always a good thing, since there is "i think" no real negative changes you can make. TM doesn't have anything to buff / nerv.

    Don't get me wrong, i appreciate, that you guys take the time to tell us what is going on with development. I love the fact that you openly tell, where the focus is (in this case the squadding feature) and that you care about telling us what got fixed and / or changed. I just think it could be more detailed, and the player base would surely appreciate when every detail gets mentioned in the patch notes.

    Never the less, keep up the great work you guys put into the game!
    I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for this franchise. This is only the beginning.

    Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.

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