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    Too much

    Hi all ,
    I posted before about the match balance that is always so bad , now i haven't won a single match in like 3 days however my performance is not bad at all , my W/L ratio is 48.7% !!!!!
    Why the hell the balance is always that bad i really wonder why there's always 4 bad players vs 4 good players ? what logic ?!
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    I'm with you here..

    the matchmaking system is either just terrible or there no more players arround.

    Another thing I could emagin is: there just permates joining the game in prebuild teams. If you take a look into the Xbox section of the game you can find planty of players looking for party. If that's the case, you just can't outmatch those teams because of teamplay reasons like voice chat. There is just no way you could win such a situation with randoms and bots. Sometimes it even feels like you can actually hear how those guys call their team for help once they are in trouble and guess what you will always find yourself in a 2,3,4 vs 1 situation. GG.

    For sure one could argue well this is a team game, go find some.

    In my opinion this should be adressed and balanced. Getting point for stomping on a group of random players while cowardly sitting behind a team of permates, it's just lame. No fun to find there and the reason some ppl just quit games.

    However I can't see those things beeing adressed since UBI are not even able to adress gamebreaking ******** for example the blocking mecanic assasins are bound to. There even Vids arround giving proofe how your just not able to block, but yea.. they don't even read this I gues.
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    You can just close your wifi and open it again so that your stats won't be affected and you will not get any penalty for leaving the match. People can judge me for saying this but i don't give a f... It's been so long since people left being honorable or whatever you call it.
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    The real issue is they need to either add or in someway emphasize DIFFERENT game modes already...
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    I don't see how this would actually help. New game modes yes, fresh air. Would love to see that.
    However it doesn't touch the permate vs randoms thing wich is actually killing all the fun.

    Must be even more irritating for new players. Can't judge those to deinstall the game right after a few matches.

    To be honest im thinking about it myself.. this dev team is just not able to see how frustrating this game has become playing it for a good evening after work round.

    Either you get matched with a bunch of 250+ rep players who just sit there and laugh at every attemp you come up with attacking them or your team is just as lost as a goose in a snowstorm.. anyway leads to the same outcome you getting stomped constant.

    Game is going to be pretty empty if they don't adress this ********.
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    You know this is like the argument they make in my FPS game. That premade teams are killing the game for casual/new players. I see it as a double edged sword. Cause on one hand it makes the learning curve higher. But on the other, it encourages players to organize, and play with friends.

    I don't think it's something that needs to be fixed persay, just something you have to accept when you play any online team game. There are going to be people that organize a group to play, and you can either do the same and enjoy the game, or bash your head against a wall being stubborn and ultimately gain skill quicker cause you're fighting premade groups.
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