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    Dear Ubisoft developers

    Dear Ubisoft developers,

    We would like to know who we can contact to comment on Wildlands.

    In short ... The point is that we are loyal players of this game, specifically the PVP version, Ghost War. Our names in the game are Kinukatata and FuerzaDeCombate. We believe it is the best third-person war fighting game ever made and we would like to know if you plan to make updates or a new version of this game, respecting its fundamentals and style, which make it unique, as is its system. of classes, for example.

    We say goodbye to you and congratulate you once again on creating such a fantastic game.

    Kinukatata_ESP 3253 hours of gameplay
    FuerzaDeCombate 800 hours of gameplay.
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    Sadly Ubisoft have ended active development of the game - the last patch released for it actually removed content for an undisclosed reason (although the community believes it was due to the licence to use the Predator alien in the game had expired)

    However, the servers still being running, store being open and daily challenges still being active - in addition to the pages for Wildlands - show that they are still supporting the game. However, any future patches will likely only be bugfixes for potentially game-breaking issues (well, worse than those currently known which can be worked around ingame)
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