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    Integration photos in game and Ubisoft connect

    I would probably like to contact the developers of the Ubisoft Connect application, well, or those who implement new functions into it. If this is not the right platform, I would appreciate your help with telling me where or whom to write better.

    Now directly to my question / suggestion.

    Ubisoft Team, in every new game you create a photomode that is very interesting and convenient to use. But it is not very practical to share these photos with friends.

    I want to tell you how this happens in my case (PS4 user), with the example of the game Immortals: Fenix Rising.

    1. I take a photo in Photomode.
    2. I take a screenshot of this photo with the Share button (it seems to me that the quality of the picture is decreasing on this step)
    3. I turn off the game
    4. I go to My Images on PS4
    5. I find the folder with the game
    6. I find the picture in this folder
    7. I send it to myself on PSN
    8. I start the laptop
    9. I switch to PSN web version
    10. There, in my feed, I find this image and share it with my friends in social media networks

    In most cases, already at step 3, I think that I don't really want to show my friends any photos from your game.

    What do I suggest?

    You have all your games connected by one Ubisoft Connect system.
    Please create inside the Ubisoft Connect some kind of Instagram, which will pull up all the photos you take in the game using the photomode. In this application you could sign photos, delete the unnecessary ones and those with poor quality, see photos of other users from this game and my friends’ photos from other games. Ubisoft Connect also has a mobile application, so it would be convenient to use it all outside the home. It would also be easy to send newsletters to social networks and instant messengers.

    How does Ubisoft benefit from this initiative?

    1. Community development - sharing beautiful photos from the game will contribute to this
    2. Advertising Ubisoft games - by showing a photo from any of your games, I advertise it to my friends
    3. Advertising Ubisoft Connect app - by sending photos from your app to different social media networks and messengers, I potentially invite people from outside the community to join, which will increase your user base.

    I hope to get an answer to this message, maybe Ubisoft already has an easier way to share photos from the game, I just was not able to find it yet.
    Thank you, and sorry if you find some mistakes. English is not my general language.
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    Hello, great suggestion, thanks for your feedback!
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