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    Pls Explain Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers

    Hello, I read that they're Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers for Vegas 1 and 2, Is that mean just Multiplayer Games like 'Capture The Flag ' and not Terrorist Hunt. Is that mean we can still Play Terrorist Hunt Online with Other players ? Tnx.
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    i heard about this and i see where fan's are not happy, it seems like everything multiplayer will be stopped but you can still play storyline and terriost hunt offline single player. it's like the idea is to get the players to go over to the recent gaming but i don't think everyone has a ps4 or will get a ps5 anytime soon lol it does feel abit harsh to shut down what is a popular and still very active game i think. you would of thought maybe shut down the least popular games but keep the most enjoyed one going like rainbow 6 vegas 2.
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    or even better if they can IMPORT those maps from Vegas 1 to Vegas 2. They can bill us $5.00 or even $10.00 & people will pay to play those maps...
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