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    Mail deleted

    I have a problem.My old email have been deleted and I cannot access my old account.
    I have only old nickname left.
    Need help.
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    UbiKoreanBBQ's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey there, StalkerFreedom! I'm sorry to hear you've been unable to access your account to change your email. In order to get this addressed, you'll need to contact one of our support teams. You can start a live chat via this webpage. This page will allow you contact without needing to log in.

    Should you encounter any issues contacting via that webpage, you can also reach out on social media through private messages:

    Support Twitter
    Support Facebook

    Please make sure to provide your username, and email if you remember it, in order to expedite the team's assistance. Thank you!

    PS. I've also moved your forum thread over to our General forum as your thread is not a Ghost Recon Breakpoint issue.
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    I didnt get any more replys.
    Please repaly as soon as possible
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    Hey again, StalkerFreedom! I've taken a look at your open case and can see it's still in the proper spot to receive a response from our dedicated support team. We appreciate your patience as you await a reply!
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