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    [Suggestion] about portraits, land fight, spies, sabotage, occultism and gothic style

    Ahoy !

    This is a huge compilation of areas that would completely "finish" the game in every aspects. I hope developers will enjoy reading all the ideas and the way to implement them (everything will be described as detailed as possible).

    I will start about a simple thing and then write about deeper and deepest subjetcs !

    NOTE: "portraits" is a simple fix to implement while the 3 other ideas can be inside one DLC themed around "mystical and military powers".

    happy reading !


    Most portraits are available in game when we create a new game, but a lot of default portraits are never unlockable (easily unlocked by modding currently), here is the list of the portraits:

    - hannah goode (black dress).
    - anne harlow.
    - la fortune.
    - pyrophorian (red).
    - pyrophorian (silver).
    - pyrophorian (gold).
    - hannah sick (unused ?).
    - magistrate (investor variant).
    - cousin female (farmer variant).
    - cousin male (worker variant).
    - jornalero.
    - obrera.
    - jornalero at work.
    - obrera at work.
    - farmer at work.
    - worker at work.
    - artisan at work.
    - engineer at work.
    - investor at work.
    - general enemy (random enemy quest navy).
    - workforce communter captain (random ally quest navy).

    These portraits are pretty unique ! what about unlocking them officially or behind some achievements ?
    (for example unlocking pyrophorian portraits by destroying random pyrophorian invasion of different difficulty ? through a quest or an event ? invasion AI ?)

    NOTE: We can unlock any other portraits including inhabitants of other regions, so why not default one ?


    - Spies and sabotage system is pretty simple to implement and make deeper ! as another anno title did it a wonderful and interractive way ! anno 1404 !
    - Police stations spawn police patrols, patrolling the roads and arresting spies sent by other players or AI (patrols can have different skins each time they enter a building ?) and also randomly controlling buildings in their area to take out a spy (with option to manually ask if you want to search manually).
    - Players can build spying lodge allowing to send spies to infiltrate enemy buildings (and a tech tree allowing to specialize spies into specific skills, like bigger explosion, more stolen gold).
    - Depending on the infiltrated building, the spy has different option (making him moving to another player's building, making a revolution, poison water to make population sick, making an explosion putting on fire buildings around, stealing money ...).
    - The system would be available in any area where the effects can be done (need perhaps different effects in arctic).
    - This DLC could be paired with prison/security ornaments !!!!!
    - What about making the DLC around one of the anno union NPC: Silas Grendel = a notorious criminal commanding a giant underground network who wants to mark history ! (as a special NPC acting as an event (difficulty chosen same as pirate way) sabotaging occasionnally and trying to put a network in your city, and if you defeat him enough you get an invasion of criminals to beat, or even a land invasion of criminal to kill with your soldiers in your city !).
    - It is also possible to add a way in first person view to click and arrest the spy yourself ! That would add a lot of funny things !
    - In short, anno 1404 venice system a LOT deeper !


    Lets bring on the table something that worked heavily ! NPC extended pack ! The anarchist is a great success, adding a balanced and unique NPC, a LOT of items and some nice ornaments !

    So, where is the problem to add more varied and unique NPC ? And adding mysticism, magic and a bit of fantasy a bit less than in anno 1701 eye of the dragon ?

    Florence Morel was the third most voted NPC on anno union and can be a huge NPC pack close to anarchist pack, with a lot more gothic ornaments and items !
    - A lot of ornaments around Florence theme and gothic style would add a lot of diversity and the style is heavily present in this period (as you are aware).
    - She would be highly dangerous, militarist with all her accolytes, and focused on her objectives: her researches.
    - Any player adopting her way and earning her trust would profit from her bonus and items, being bewitched could also have secondary effects on your city (like strange accolytes roaming the roads at night ? Or created by gothic ornaments ?), she would give quests helping her researches.
    - Any players choosing to save her "unbound" accolytes or prisonners will get her items without having to make trade agreement (kind of like what hugo mercier events do).

    So will you follow her ? Ignore her ? Or stop her ?


    <> This subject was discussed and called a lot, i will describe here what can be done "pretty easily", lets make an analysis:

    - First, land combat do not need a high complexity and considering the game is aiming at the end of 19th, the variety do not need to be high, so a simplified combat system could easily work and easy to manage so we do not have too much things to do at same time !

    - Second, we can look at previous title:
    Anno 1503 had a "age of empires" system => its too much complex for 1800 and can take too much space.
    Anno 1701 had a "regiment" system with simple pathfinding and controls => it is the most adaptable for 1800.
    Anno 1404 had a "tactical army" system like a chess game: it takes too much space and was not highly welcome by the community, its a fine system but really not for 1800.

    - Third, what do we need exactly ? in short we want land battles... in details... we want a way to conquer our enemies by landing on their ground, so we have to consider current system and adapting some areas.

    <> What can we do for 1800 ? here is a way to implement it:

    - Adopting anno 1701 unit control system: any type of unit can freely move depending on buildings pathfinding by group (or regiment).

    - Here are the possible defensive buildings in land:
    > Barracks (recruit units).
    > Infantry towers (like puckle gun on sea).
    > Canon towers (like canon on sea).
    > Star forts (kind of big bertha for land = a bigger defensive "tower" forcing the presence of canons or mortars to destroy it, or ships if its enough close).
    > Walls (obvious, what about being able to make the wall bigger and allow units to go on it ?).
    > Headquarters (can equip items affective defensive land buildings around).

    - Units in regiments types of a simplified late 19th century, something close to 1701 variety but with more clarity in colors and animations:
    > Line infantry, 9 men firing at enemies or fighting in melee with bayonets (base units in mass with average firepower and high bonus against cavalry in melee).
    > Grenadiers, 9 men throwing grenades at slower but shorter devastating range (heavily good against line infantry but weak against cavalry).
    > Hussars, 4 men with cheap fast moving horses (low defense, average melee damages but high speed to kill artillery or backstabbing).
    > Cuirassiers, 4 men with slower horses (high defense, high melee damages, made to kill grenadiers or backstabbing with heavy shock).
    > Canons, 2 canons (high range doing a lot of cannonball area damages, direct fire, can attack ships).
    > Mortars, 2 mortars (slightly lower range than canons doing a lot of obus damages, can fire over buildings, can attack ships).
    > General unit: 1 man on a horse (very heavy cavalry with good attack and medium speed, and one item slot which allows to buff allied units around him).
    NOTE: It is possible to create a set of items and legendary generals of this era !

    SIDE NOTE: This allows to roleplay units in solo and especially in multiplayer, or create stories and visiting other players cities (in roleplay not first person, exept if you add a way to go in first person into our troops ^^).

    - Now about capturing the enemy territory and actual battle:
    > Coastal and land morale are one island morale entity and attacker must lower the island morale globally by affecting coast and land depending on what he faces, it can also be a tactical attack to destroy specific buildings to slow down enemy productions or population.
    > If defender has built defensive buildings, attacker needs to fight on land and destroy land morale, same morale system as coastal one, but this time depends on amount of defensive buildings in the island.
    NOTE: its possible to create a set of items and legendary forts of this era !
    > Units can of course also attack and destroy any other buildings or ornament (which can be used to slow down enemy evolution), if modules containing items are destroyed, the items are returned in defender's stock.
    > If defender has not built any defensive (land) buildings, the island auto-surrender as currently in the game, defender units do not disappear and can be taken back by ships.
    > Any unit = 1 ressource slot in a ship (same as anno 1701, simple and effective).
    > Every islands with coastal battle options have access to land battle system !

    ->This long explanation is heavily showing attacker objectives to win, if defenders has a really strong defense and wins any assault, he can build canons or mortars to try to fire at ships and rebuild his coastal morale.
    -> It will be very hard for defender to rebuild, but war is a heavy cost, and attacker will lose a lot of gold in it too, this means a player wont be able to put defensive land buildings on every area to be effective everywhere and will have to find the right balance between coastal and land defenses.

    have fun !

    I hope developers will love all of this !
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    Land combat wont be added. They've already said it wont be.

    Also only work in the early game. By the time you get battlecruisers you can flatten any enemy forces on most islands due to their small size and the range of the guns.
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    1) when and where did they say there wont be land battle ? can you point it out ? i may have missed it, i remember only anno union and news saying it will be considered in a more far future if its possible

    2) ships can be balanced out with patches, thats not really a problem to adapt things, and the way i show it allows a lot more tools to be made
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    1) when and where did they say there wont be land battle ? can you point it out ? i may have missed it, i remember only anno union and news saying it will be considered in a more far future if its possible
    Try looking one page down this forum at the reply from Ubi-Turlof to stanford-lee198 for the latest of multiple previous threads in which the devs have stated that there will not be any land combat in Anno 1800 (thankfully)
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    Originally Posted by ADRIEN_agentadw Go to original post
    1) when and where did they say there wont be land battle ? can you point it out ? i may have missed it, i remember only anno union and news saying it will be considered in a more far future if its possible

    2) ships can be balanced out with patches, thats not really a problem to adapt things, and the way i show it allows a lot more tools to be made
    1. All over the place, search shows it up a lot and they seemed to rule it out before release with a DevBlog post about it not fitting their view and community expectations for the setting

    2. They are balanced. Issue is tiny islands aren't going to be able to avoid bombardment from them and they shouldn't and it's not adding more tools but needless chaff.
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    this is a missed opportunity about military, it would still be as viable as anno 1404 at least, considering how much it was talk (i just discovered) next anno will perhaps thinks more about it

    => my "spies and sabotage" and "occultism and gothic" points still active subjects ! and were always my main points of interest anyway ! (both can be seen as NPC pack)

    should i repost a cleaner and edited subject (with my main other points) without military ?

    EDIT: i dedited the first post to reduce a lot (in size) military point and to read easily the other points
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    Hey, thank you very much for your detailed feedback post!

    The land combat topic was already correctly answered above (thank you!), so yes: We're not planning to add land combat to Anno 1800. This decision was already done during development and is also not planned for post-launch. It's a massive feature which impacts so many other aspects of the game, some directly, some indirectly. Implementing that in a game which wasn't designed with this feature in mind is too big of a project for post-launch.
    This doesn't rule out land combat for potential future Anno games, ofc.

    Portraits: Definitely something we can look into for later this year, yes.
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