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    REQUEST: Please unlock the track pieces

    I have been sitting on the same partially-collected track pieces for like two years at this point.

    Please make track pieces available to be redeemed with gems, like in the past.

    For me, I need to be able to complete collecting the track pieces for:

    Abandoned Colony
    Orbicular Escape

    Thank you so much.
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    La même chose pour moi :
    - galerie de mine
    - bas quartiers
    - course dorée
    - sommet
    - colinne abandonnée
    - sphère d'influence
    - viaduc
    - profil de rue
    - zone poussiéreuse
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    Great idea! Please make it happen!
    Those of us loyal enough to still play should at least be able to advance even if the game is semi-dead.
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    I also would like to get the parts I've missed.
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    Bump! Still missing 10 tracks and have no way to get them. Little help?
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hi all,

    We can certainly pass the feedback around this on to the team.

    Unfortunately I can't assure you this would be possible.
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    Thank you Baron!
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    Baron, any chance the bunker events can just be reset all the way back to the first season? The last reset took the bunker back to the start of the final year. Resetting back to the first season would give us a lot more bunker time to race head to head in this new stage of the game. It’d be cool to open up all track pieces and skins there to everyone who needs them as well.
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