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    REQUEST: Please unlock the track pieces

    I have been sitting on the same partially-collected track pieces for like two years at this point.

    Please make track pieces available to be redeemed with gems, like in the past.

    For me, I need to be able to complete collecting the track pieces for:

    Abandoned Colony
    Orbicular Escape

    Thank you so much.
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    La même chose pour moi :
    - galerie de mine
    - bas quartiers
    - course dorée
    - sommet
    - colinne abandonnée
    - sphère d'influence
    - viaduc
    - profil de rue
    - zone poussiéreuse
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    Great idea! Please make it happen!
    Those of us loyal enough to still play should at least be able to advance even if the game is semi-dead.
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    I also would like to get the parts I've missed.
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