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    Bug- Personal best ghost broken on all tracks that are not official campaigns or TOTD

    The personal best ghost is automatically loaded into
    unless the track is not a previous TOTD or official campaign track, so basically any club campaign or downloaded map. The PB replays are all saved in \Documents\Trackmania2020\Replays\Autosaves for all the tracks they are just not loaded in non-official campaign maps.

    If you play a track that is not part of an official campaign the ghost will work only for runs completed during that session, if you restart the game the PB ghost from your last run will not load, even though it is saved in Replays\Autosaves.

    To reproduce, play a club campaign map that has never been a TOTD, see that PB ghost works after 1 run, restart game, load the same map and see your PB ghost doesn't appear.

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    There's a thread for that issue here. Idk, might help to post it over there, too