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    Am I the only one who thought FC5 was a fantastic game?

    So I’ve been on this sub for a while now and I keep seeing that people **** on this game constantly. They say things like “the missions are boring and forgettable” but honestly I loved this game. I fell in love with the story and world. I am in my 5th replay of it and it’s still as fun as The first time.appvalley tutuapp tweakbox
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    No plenty of people like the game as a whole, some like me like the gameplay but hate the story, and some hate both. It is just that it is only those who hate stuff are more likely to take the time to post or complain.

    1) I think the mechanics are some of the best in the series and to my mind some of the best in FPS. The movement is smooth, allowing easy transition over objects, plenty of control and options of how to do things. I don't like the Helo controls as they are unrealistic, BUT they do allow easy use of them and can be considered a gaming tradeoff. The only real complaint I have with gameplay is that the enemies are really too easy, especially on the hardest difficulties, one reason I end up running only bows and limited or no health upgrades to make it harder, and it really isn't that hard still.

    2) Story, to me it is crap, and has repetitive scenes to drag you out of the story and game. The constant berating you for playing the game, by saying you should have walked away(aka not played), constantly harping on a gun is not always the answer and never giving you other options, and in the end making Seed right thus basically excusing all the horrors he did is absolutely horrible.

    3) Seeing the links at the end of your post also leads me to think this is a spam post and will be reported as such, making this post a total waste of time.
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