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    Suggetions for Ubisoft on the solution for the AC4 Black Flag Season Pass issue

    Ok so, we all know that this issue where, users with season pass or any dlc can't access to them at all, has been around for a while and Ubisoft still hasn't found a solution, so I want to give my suggestions and ideas that Ubisoft can try. I got these ideas after searching on forums and trying some stuff myself

    First of all, some say dlcs stopped working after a 2018 patch where you introduced a language into the game, you might wanna start from there, maybe even revert the patch.

    Second, in my case, when I analyze the game files it always says that some files are corrupted, it does a really small download and then nothing changes, if I analyze again it would do the same thing, so you might wanna check this as well, since it appears that the dlc files cannot get installed properly.

    Third, linked to the second, some people even missed the dlc folders and apparently, for some it was enough to download the dlcs folders uploaded by other users and they would then show up, but sadly, this seems to no longer be the solution or even the issue, since now the folders appear but don't work anyway. So again, you might wanna check why the files are permanently corrupted or something like that.

    A fourth suggestion that I have is actually related to Ubisoft Connect. With Ubisoft Connect (so no longer uplay), AC4 no longer has his classic challenges, not that I personally mind at all since I've already done them in the past, but this might be an isssue as well for the DLCS. In the main game menu, the tabs about the additional content and the other stuff now display the stock images that are usually shown when playing offline, including the top right tab that has the default "Stay tuned for more pirate adventures", while it should have Aveline, Freedom Cry and any other dlc.
    What I think here is that Ubisoft Connect helped even more to break the connection between the game and the launcher, so you should as well check this, since Freedom Cry can't be played with Season Pass without using that top right tab and I think no one, of course, wants to buy the serapate game since they already own it.
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    Thank you for taking the time to provide these suggestions, Pranci.BM.

    As has been mentioned, the issue is still being investigated at the moment, so I will certainly pass on this post as it may help the team looking into this.
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    Hopefully the dev team wakes up and does something. This suggestion could really help if they actually read it
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    this suggestion may look helpful but in reality all it takes to fix this issue is to. install ACIV with season pass or any other dlc, run the game in DEV environment with debugger on and just look in a code why the season pass hasn't loaded.
    Or I truly believe that is the case, just run unit/integration test solution and fix those which are failing due to DLC not appearing. Surely Ubi must have some unit tests SUUUUURRREEEEELLLLYYYYYY
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    Hey everyone!

    I appreciate this is a frustrating issue and it is taking some time. We will do our best to notify players once a solution has been implemented.
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