I've been playing the games in the Ezio collection and getting their platinums on PS4, and after playing AC2 and moving on to Brotherhood I couldn't help but feel that it took longer for the passive money gains to be given to me in the bank than in AC2. And I feel the same in Revelations.

In all 3 games it states that you get paid for these building renovations every 20 minutes, yet in Brotherhood and Revelations it feels longer than that, like double that at least.omegle xender

Earlier on I went and watched a 30 minute video while waiting for money on Revelations to buy the crossbow cause I couldn't stand how long the wait felt anymore, and I got paid in the amount of time the game says, so either for some reason it only feels longer in Brotherhood and Revelations for reasons I can't think of, or in AC2 its actually quicker than 20 minutes.

Does anyone else feel this way, going from AC2 to Brotherhood and Revelations?