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    Far Cry 5 Sharing Save Game

    Hey guys!

    It's obvious that getting perks like the 4th weapon slot doesn't happen for the player who's invited, since it's not his game that's advancing in the story, but the hosts'.

    So if I were to just send my save file to my co-op buddy, and have him use it, his story would be at the same location, therefore he'd have my story progression/character right?
    We wanna play the story together, so I don't think he'd want to play the single alone all over again just to get it.

    So tl:dr are save files transferable/usable?
    Also, I'm pretty sure before using the save files one would have to disable cloud saves in Ubisoft Connect, so it uses the locale save files on the PC.

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    modmcsupersport's Avatar Member
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    Last I heard, but haven't tried, is saves are NOT sharable, as info is baked into the save linking it to you. Rumor mill, had it causing multiple issues with game and accounts to do so.....but that is rumor.
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    KmarkoPL's Avatar Senior Member
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    Saves can not be shared. They are encoded to your Ubisoft connect account
    Any attempt to open save from other person, will fail, give error corrupted or not recognize at all.
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