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    fc5 co op question


    I want to get far cry 5 with a friend (2 seperate games) and play through the coop with him, how does that work? Do i get the weapons he gets and do i keep them when i stop playing and then join his world again? I couldnt find a lot of usefull information on this so i hope you guys can answer me.]

    Thanks in advance.
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    You keep your guns, but only downside is some guns and perks are linked to resistance levels earned but only for the host, so only the host can unlock them. An example is the fourth holster perk is only unlocked for your character if you are hosting. Any gun unlocked with Silver(ingame currency able to be purchased by real money) is available on any play through after purchase....vehicles are included.

    As a bonus if you complete the game and start an NG+ game all perks, guns, and vehicles carry over.
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