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    Hello all .

    I have a friend that wants to learn guitar, so I told her about Rocksmith . She came over to my place and tried out RS and really liked it, but she does not have a computer ( crazy I know ) . So I would like to get her a htpc or something small ( and cheap ) . Has anybody used anything like it or is using one ?

    Thanks for any input.

    Rock on
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    give her your ps4 and buy a ps5.

    Double win.

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    LOL,, that is a thought but I don't use consoles :P

    I was thinking about getting her something like this.


    It should work, I think .
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    Hello ausseke,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I moved this thread to the General Discussion section for better visibility
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    Just an update, that HTPC works like a charm. Had to add a ssd just for steam and rocksmith but other than that , it just works
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