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    How to become a VIP player?

    Hey Ubisoft team and Rayman players,
    This is the Happy Hedgehog Gamer, gamertag HHedgehogGyt. Im 7 years old and began playing at 5, my cup rank is 194 on xbox one disc and 88 on xbox 360 disc. I was born the same year the game was released and i might be the youngest best player at rayman legends in the world, as i have not found no one else as young as me and as good other than skirosbr who i think is 8 now, he's awesome too!
    I play both discs every day and have done for nearly 2 years. It is the best game and helped me learn so much.
    I have a youtube channel, which my dad helps me with, please check it out guys and subscribe for weekly videos of me challenging like crazy on both xbox discs.
    Here is my first video introducing me:
    Here is a link to my top 3 PB's from 2020 (WR's? for a 6 year old):
    Here is a link for my best Invasion's from 2020:
    On my latest video i put my statistics for both discs towards the end:

    I want to say a Big Thanks to the community already supporting me on youtube or following me on xbox live, you guys are awesome and i love to watch all of the other players channels too. Anyone who loves Rayman, i recommend using the community club, its friendly and run by a great veteran player KiddVid.
    I have beaten every single active vip player over the last 2 years in a challenge, including a few wins over halodan123 who is number 1 rank and my favourite player, his statistics are awesome! I am in the top 10 regulary and even finish 1st some times.
    I want to be Vip so much as try very hard for this and hope that Ubisoft see me worthy.
    I messaged ubisoft and told them i had a channel and am active in the community and play 2 discs every day and was there anything more i could do, they told me to be active in this forum. So here I am, glad to join the group, hope some of you guys who have not seen my channel before check it out.
    Thanks ubisoft for making such an awesome game and i look forward to the next one!
    P.S ..it is a shame that the challenges for PC ended as about a year ago i started playing it and got to awesomeness 11 hoping by playing RL on 3 platforms it would help my chances of being a VIP.
    P.S.S..please stop/remove the cheaters on the neverending pit distance challenges as they steal the good players diamond cups.
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hi HHedgehogGyt,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    The VIP status was only available for a short period after the launch of the game, so unfortunately at this time it's no longer possible to be granted that.
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    Can you still become a VIP on PS4?

    Hey I just read this thread and saw that you can only become a VIP when the game 1st released. I wanted to ask if this is still true to this day. I've been playing rayman since the gamecube games and he's definitely my top character that I want in smash. I been playing rayman since I was 6 and now im 17. I really love rayman and legends is probably the best 2d platform I've played in my life. I hope a new game come out soon. Anyways I been exercising on my bike while playing my PS4 and I decided to platinum trophy rayman legends. So im grinding the game a lot. I wanna become a VIP so I can get that cool champion rayman costume cause purple is low-key my favorite color. Anyways if I can be come a VIP that would be awesome so I can grind with the awesome skin. Even If I can't get VIP I wanna thank you all at Ubisoft for the game and your continued support on this column and I hope you have a great day or evening .
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    Ubi-Viral's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thank you for your reply. This is still true I am afraid.

    We appreciate your support for the game and hope you continue to enjoy and love all things Rayman.

    Thank you.
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