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    [13/04/2021] New update and changelog

    Hey everyone,

    We're back today with a small update to make some important fixes:

    + Fixed the announcement of the Cup of the Day
    + Displayed public map reviews in the map review page under Create
    + Fixed an issue with the loading of monthly campaigns
    + Fixed memory leak during network play
    + Chat visibility toggle is now 2 states by default (unfolded/folded), and there is a setting to enable 3 states toggle (hidden/unfolded/folded)
    + Fixed issues when other players disconnect (like interrupted media clips)

    Regarding what's coming next, we are currently working hard on the squadding option that will be implemented for the matchmaking allowing any player to invite and play with up to 2 friends at any time.

    Until then, see you on track!
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    Will you ever bring back split screen into ManiaPlanet?