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    Assassins Creed A Brewing storm Bug

    Hi, Having an issue with completing the mission on AC Valhalla a brewing storm, Iíve seen videos on YouTube how the mission should go but itís starting with going to sleep and waking up and not being able to continue the mission, I have found Dag new the burial site but he doesnít attach, the latest version is installed and there is no later software, Iím aware there are other users with issues similar to mine but can we be bought up to speed on a date software will be release for AC Valhalla, kind regards
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    Hello Gibatron3000, and welcome to the forums! I've gone ahead and moved your thread to the Assassin's Creed forum, but I would also strongly recommend making a new post on the official Assassin's Creed Valhalla forums. To address the issue you brought up regarding "A Brewing Storm", this issue is slated to be resolved in a future patch, as seen on the designated megathread.
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