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    Jogo reiniciando

    Quando entro na aventura diz que o perfil foi sincronizado e vai reiniciar mas reinicia e aparece sempre a mesma coisa. Por favor me ajudem gosto muito do jogo mas não consigo jogar e já tem muito tempo. Não quero começar do zero pois ja estou na 239!
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    Hello there, guest-l1TSucP9! Thanks for reaching out. For forum purposes, please translate your posts to English as other languages are against Forum Rules on this page due to moderators available. If you would like to speak in your native language, you are more than welcome to start a Live Chat or Email with the Support team and make sure to select your preferred language in the top left corner.

    If you would like to continue in English here though, I can certainly assist you! It would be super helpful if you could take a brief video of what's occurring so I can see the issue more plainly. Also, can you let me know what platform you're on and roughly when you started experiencing this (did it start before October 2020, or after)?

    Last question, are you playing from the same device that you played on previously?
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