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    Clubs Room - Cup - Players got disconnect when map switch


    We have noticed a problem where we create room via Clubs. We set up f.e. 5 maps to be played on Cup mode. So we start playing, everything is ok. But when the first map ends and we going to play the second map, almost everyone got disconnect and get back on the first map. To solve this problem, everyone who got disconnect, has to join on the player, who stays on the second map. Almost everytime one person never get disconnect so others are able to join him. But it is very frustrating. We plan to create a League in Czech and Slovak republic for TM players but with this kind of problem is not nice and I am afraid that people would refuse to play our league. Even if we got a streamer and he got disconnect everytime when map changes, it is not good for viewers.

    Please, let me know, how to solve this problem. We really want to get more players into the game via streams but I am afraid this problem is big for our goal.

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    Hi ZidovskejKomca,

    Could you please tell us more about the issue? What happend exactly? Are people disconnected from the server? Is the server restarting? It could be great to have a video to well understand the issue. Also, could you please share your room settings? Is it happening only in cup mode or is it also the case in rounds for example?


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    Other players got always dc when map changes. They can reconnect, gain again points they got before but they must always press SHIFT+F2. They got dc and do not appear in menu but they back to the first map, in our case Spring 1#,


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    Hi and thanks for your video.

    It looks like both other players are disconnected at each map change, but you don't have the issue right? Could you please ask them to send us what happend when they are disconnected? Is there a specific message? It would help us to have their POV of the issue as we can't see anything special with your POV.

    Many thanks!

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    We tried it yesterday. We play Cup in two players and no one get disconnected. Today we want to try it in three players. Maybe last 300MB patch fixed it.

    And ye, u were right. Others two got disconnected but I didn't. Today I will try to record another video from my side.

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    Okay, we have got another video which is from the view of the player who has to always join on friend who stays in the cup (in this case its me).

    Between map it is written - Joining friends. Then screen change and its written again - Joining friends and you can see also synchronizating. After this he must press SHIFT+F2 and join me.

    Interesting fact is that if I set in lobby settings only 1 lap of warmup, they do not get disconnect. If I set 2 laps of warmup, they get disconnect. I tried to set up 1 lap of warmup few minutes before the video was recorded. So that information is fresh and prove what I wrote now.


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    Hello ZidovskejKomca,

    You need to unselect the "scalable" option in the room creation and it should be working : https://ibb.co/B6Skfz6


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    I will try and give informations!

    Thank you

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    Okay, it is working!! No more disconnects. Thanks for advice!

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    Originally Posted by ZidovskejKomca Go to original post
    Okay, it is working!! No more disconnects. Thanks for advice!
    Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that ZidovskejKomca .

    Hope you enjoy your game-time and should you have any queries in the future, drop us a message at any time!