Hello Ubisoft,

A few things I really love about the series:

1. The Path - in previous FC games they had this "Path" as the center of character progression (Path of the Warrior - FC3 ; The Golden Path missions - FC4) but it was seemingly absent in FC5 or probably I was just expecting more emphasis like the previous games had. Bring it back.

2. I love that they had New Game + in FC5. We need more of those! You may not be aware but the common feedback about FC games is IT'S LITERALLY TOO EASY.
I hope they create additional difficulties like Hardcore wherein you only have limited equipment, supplies, ammo, can only carry 2 or 3 weapons etc. Kind of like borderline survival game. That's the thing that they need to explore.

In FC3, I once had a loadout like this [AMR Sniper Rifle, Ripper MG, RPG7, Shadow Pistol plus tons of explosives] and I was like ARE WE GOING TO FIGHT THE GOVERNMENT? It's TOO OP! But I grew conscience and finished the game with 2 holsters only, I equipped a Vector ACP and Grenade launcher sidearm then I switched loadouts depending on the mission (Liberate Outpost, Hunting etc..)

3. I really love that you can use binoculars (or DSLR cameras in the past) for scouting. But it's actually a WALL HACK. I love the monocular in FC2 better. They should create a difficulty where it can only track enemy positioning and movement for a few seconds or NOT AT ALL. Listen to footsteps, noise etc.

4. Due to the game being easy, I managed to NOT USE A SINGLE GUNS FOR HIRE OR EVEN CRAFT HERBS TO GIVE ME ADVANTAGE IN COMBAT. It's too OP. Make the game harder for us to consider using these.

4. Lastly, I love that FC games have recurring characters like Agent Willis and Hurk. And I think we should also bring more people back into game for a quick cameo and short missions.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we had missions like:

"I want you to find this guy for me. He is in possession of a very special ancient knife. I want it. He and his friends were abducted by pirates 10 years ago and they managed to survive, well not all of them though. It's a long story. Anyway, he's easy to find. He got all these weird tattoos all over him. His name is Jason."

"You know, these tigers are slower compared to the ones we have in Kyrat. I'm AJ, we are the Golden Path. We can help you get what you need, but you have to do something for us..."

"This is guy is Marty Alencar. He used to be a mercenary working for warlords in South Africa. Now he's here. Give him this and tell him, "Prosper Kouassi sends his regards."

For the loyal fans, it would be such an amazing feeling! And for those new to the series, they might get interested to play the old games to see the adventures they missed.


PS. Remaster FC2