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    Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Prince of Persia quest bug

    Its quest from DLC The Blind king

    Ive completed the quest and I have to find the treasure.
    But unfortunatelly Ive opened the chcest with the treasure long before I complete the quest. So I need an advice, how to deal with this.

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    Same problem here... I don't see any possibility to finish this quest.
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    @Kr3m0 The main issue i discovered with that specific quest , is the fact that the quest item you need to loot out of that chest, does not register as a QUEST item in your inventory, but as a legendary TRADE goods in your inventory.... meaning if you sell your trading goods at the blacksmith , the quest item will be sold.... At least thats how it happened for me, and also stuck at the very end of that quest now... They should have made that item to loot a QUEST item, so you wouldn't be able to sell it, and let it complete automatically once you get that far in the quest becasue you already have it in your inventory...So yeah i have also no way om completing it since i sold the quest item.... the quest is doomed for me since i love exploring this massive world in the game
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    I can confirm this as well. Quest cannot be completed when the incorrectly labelled item has been sold accidentally.
    Repro for me too.
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    Ive got the same problem yesterday, opend the chest long before and now cant finish the Quest.
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    I have the same problem with this mission and with the mission from Xenia Birds of A Feather. Both of these missions are buggy and you can not complete them if you previously collected these items during exploration unless you load the game until you've collected it before taking the mission. I can not load the game so far, so I'm stuck with these quests. A warning for all who have not yet done so, do not pick up the boxes at the Ruined Ajaks Shrine on the island of Salamina before receiving the mission Prince of Persia same for Birds of A Feather do not go to the Mykene's tomb of Ajax before u get that quest or u will be stuck like many people at the end of the game with this two quests.
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    and still no reply from a ubi person...
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    Can confirm this as well. Looted the ruins nearly 20 levels ago and now stuck.
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    I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue! Our team is looking into the matter, and I have passed on this thread to them so that they know the same problem may be happening with Birds of A Feather
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    I would like to report having the same issue! Have already sold items from those chests and can not finish Prince of Persia(Do not have the other quest yet so I can't confirm if I am unable to complete it or not).
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