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    Boomer Check point - Cannot Pet Boomer Level - Normal

    Hi All,
    I'm stuck at the Pet Boomer check point. I completed the game on Easy and managed to Pet Boomer however under the Normal level for the life of me I cannot. Please help, I have kicked the cage and attempted to pet the dog and the bastard will just do nothing.
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    Boomer SHOULD jump down and run to a body near the door, and at that point you get to pet him. I have seen this bug out and not trigger, sometimes reloading save works, others.....well, sorry. Do make sure all enemies are dead though...
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    I saw that on youtube however the dog will not go to the dead couple. Rather he's standing around the dead soldiers.
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    Solution to this problem

    Delete & re install your activated product from the UBISoft application. When you delete the application. Delete the Far Cry folder on the PC. Once re-installed yiur game will kick off from where you left. In my case it was the Pet boomer check point. Once I select the Pet Boomer check point, a yellow diamond symbol appeared on the dogs head (which it never before). Once that symbol appeared I was able to pat the dog. In addition it did not matter where I was when patting the dog. I was near the fruit stand
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