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    Cant join to group with friend

    We bouth have gren NAT we have ethernet from this same deliver we manage to play 1 vs 1 duel fight but we cant join to group we bout reinstal game and still this issue
    Unable to join please try leater game bought on steam
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Sep 2019
    Hey Rohinito, sorry to hear that you are and your friend are experiencing this issue when trying to duel. Could you let me know if your NAT is Open, Strict, or Closed? Have you also already tried working through our connectivity troubleshooting steps? I'd recommend you ask your friend to do the same.
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    We bouth have Green NAT and Open
    we was able to play 1 vs 1 but only if we are lucky in matchmaking, we just cant get in to group whole time we get info try again later
    i have ethernet directyl from main router via cabel no wifi

    Our ethernet deliver dont give us access to router configuration and i cant turn off Upnp and set port forwarding maybe this is issue but some how we play 1vs 1
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    hamachi fix problem

    dont know how delete topic
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Pleased to see this is now resolved Rohinito
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