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    Farcry 5 is a great game (in my opinion)

    I love this game and I am currently on my third play through I havenít played the other games and I understand why some are upset but from what Iíve seen it looks more open I would love to here some people in the community explain there thoughts on it.
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    Legacy was much better
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    Gameplay wise, ie guns, vehicles, movement, stealth, combat mechanics, and such are the best in the series in my opinion. Only real knock on this part is it is too easy, even on the hardest mode you don't really need companions and can use a bow, 1911 pistol, shovels, and throwables to finish the game pretty easily, especially when you add in potions. If I was only judging the game on gameplay, it would be a 5star game.

    Story, well to say it sucks is being kind. It constantly berates you for playing the game, uses repetitive capture sequences in all areas, tries to justify the absolute horrors of the Cult by making Seed right in the end, and has a complete railroad of a story with zero options on ways to complete the game(even after it berates you for playing and doing certain things). I think the thing that hacks me off the most is how Ubi-soft constantly berates you for "using violence" on some pretty evil characters, and try to show how bad you are for doing so and how you caused all the bad things to happen, when you were just trying to stop a bunch of evil characters and they went and made them right. It to my mind like making a game about WW2 and making the Germans right for all their actions.....disgusting and morally bankrupt all the way around. You can't look around Hope county and see all the crap the Cult did both before the game started and during the game and think they are in anyway right, or should be looked up to as in anyway good. Then to have Ubi-Soft pontificate about how YOU are bad for opposing them, using the methods that THEY gave you, just pisses me off to no end.....

    I could go on and on, but I need to stop now, this is bad for my blood pressure. But the story is the one reason that FC6 is on a delay to purchase until cheap list for me, because Ubi-Soft has earned that place.
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