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    yeah. come on guys, fix this already.

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    Still having issues. Are you guys taking the piss out of us? I pay for this game and I expect it t owork. I've had the same issues last year aswel.

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    +1 for fixing this asap

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    Got the same problem, I can't queue any maps from the live server route, I can select the map, but after clicking confirm I get a loading, which disappears shortly after, and nothing happens - I don't get connected to the server, and my map - pretty sure about that - isn't added to the server queue, as it doesn't get any new ratings and no times are added on TMX page so the issue might be somewhere in process of uploading the map this way. I can also confirm, that the map can be uploaded after resaving from the editor, but that way wipes the leaderboard and old reviews, so that way is quite unfortunate.

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    Is it solved?

    Because i can upload a map now on review server, but next 10 votes or similar map is bugged again and don't let me download from players web manage and shows an error at previous message.

    PS: It's weird but error comes and leave when it likes. Now, it seems working again.

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    It is not solved for me,

    i can only queue maps to the review server from inside the editor. But then the review scores are not add up cause the game thinks these are seperate maps.

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    OK, this is weird, just found out one thing.... after saving a map, you can choose another map, and it works, so there really has to be a bug with the way the map is uploaded when chosen thru the menu path.
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    It is working for me today!

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    +1 It is working for me as well!

    Thanks very much dev team

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