• Removed the password prefill during account creation if the user chooses to enter their info manually.
  • Made minor visual changes to the design layout for the account creation process.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the user had to reboot the game after closing their Ubisoft account in order to cancel the closure.
    • Fixed an issue where the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Sale windows were appearing too small on consoles.

Account Management
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a localization inconsistency on PC when redirecting the user to the Account Management site on the web.
  • Fixed an issue where the two-step verification text was overlapping with a border line.
  • Fixed an issue where a black “h” character was displaying between two lines of text.
  • Fixed an issue where the Account Management app was not properly refreshing after changing username.

Game Page
  • Made performance improvements for focus-based navigation when using gamepad or keyboard.
    Bug Fix
    • Fixed a visual inconsistency error present when hovering over empty game tile images.

  • The in-game store was upgraded to the new focus system.
  • Made a change to web links so now they load directly into the app rather than using the web-browser app.
  • Implemented error handling for when a user tries to load the in-game store for a Steam Game with a custom in-game store URL.
  • Made a change so that the payment provider selection is bypassed if the user is on Luna.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the catalog page couldn’t be scrolled all the way up and down by using a keyboard.
    • Fixed an issue where the back button would occasionally not work when returning from Steam.
    • Fixed an issue where navigating up or down from a product tile on the right hand side would cause the page to scroll diagonally.
    • Replaced several instances of “UPLAY+” still being mentioned in the in-game store of various titles.
    • Fixed an issue where the Continue button could not be selected by using keyboard navigation.
    • Fixed an issue where the position of the payment method icons were changing after the navigation device was changed.