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    Servers down again?

    I'm playing MMX again and it's still have some problems. I had to restart few times to relics show up in inventory. Game says that Unicorn DLC is not downloaded and I do not see any option to force download. And now I found water shard and want to go back to forge but travel option is gray out. Is there some patch or way to force connection with servers.
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    Sorry for bumping your thread, but did you find a solution to your problem?
    I'm having the same one, and sadly I see you didn't get any reply from Ubisoft support.

    Because of the servers going down in the near future, and because there was some content that I was yet to play, I installed the game again, but I'm unable to redeem the helmet and the DLC expansion, because it says it can't connect to the Ubisoft server.

    I really don't understand why Ubisoft doesn't just add all this content to the main game, so that no one loses any content when the servers go down definitely.
    This is a single player game, there's no reason for some of the content to became unavailable due to an online check.

    Basically, what will happen with this game has ensured I won't buy any more Ubisoft games going forward.
    I understand taking down a few online servers, making multiplayer modes unavailable in the process. But making single player content (DLCs, rewards, ...) unavailable in a single player game? It's frankly ridiculous.
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    Hey folks,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're both encountering these issues.

    Can you open a support ticket on our website and include screenshots of the error messages received?
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