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    I don't know if this topic has a thread or already or it doesn't but if it do has one please leave a link, thank you

    Now to the point like my subject title saids "New" assassin's creed stuff meaning brotherhood and future game Revelations. when I was on PSN Home a couple of days I notice in at Abstergo an AC2 Space showing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailers of single player and MP. I've seen potential areas and costumes in ACB can be use at Home.

    Tiber Island is a perfect spot for a assassin's Creed guild and player can re-create the scene in ACB of the ceremony to there own which I'm exactly doing in my guild when i recruit other AC players. Tiber island is the best space for a club and i would pay with my own money for that space.

    Now for the costumes, tell me there isn't a costumes you want to wear, I mean come on there beautiful colors and they look awesome. Xbox live have these costumes but the different between XBL and PSNH is the detail of the costumes. In XBL the costumes looks like its one with your skin or something it hard to tell but on Home it's not. I know I am an Assassin but I would like to dress up as The Prowler since he is my main character. Smuggler, Hellequin Harlequin, Doctor, Noble, Prowler so on and so on. They made the soldiers costumes in AC2 why not make some more on ACB for us. Now the one costumes I seen a lot at Abstergo is Ezio's old armored robe black and what, also a few Altair but that not the point. The point is why is there not a new robe of Ezio from Brotherhood, why is that. i know for a fact some of the player even want a new rode, You can throw up his armor we unlock in the shop quest if you want you can give us the Brutus armor. You could have made the Brutus armor to unlock on Home meaning if you unlock the Brutus armor in Brotherhood you get it at Home in your inventory like Red Dead Redemption when you sign up in the social club you get the gentleman attire and you get it in Home too. All I'm saying is old things are good but they don't last forever. please Ubisoft when you see and reads this the fans would love some new AC items and space on Home, also do it for Revelations too, cause Ezio's armor looks sick and so are the new MP character . Thank You

    Your Friendly AC fan

    PS: if you have time can you make Desmond's attire from ACB cause i really like it
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    Yeah ubisoft, we would like you to expand your spaces in PlayStation Home & move onward to like AC Brotherhood, and make some new spaces there. Just like my friend and fellow assassin Crzgamer, we would like se Tiber island, since we recently formed a Assassin's guild on PS Home and Tiber island would be perfect for the ceremony.

    Plus some new dev diares from like ACB and maybe a space for info about ACR. That would be awesome. And Ezio's outfit from ACB, that he got before he found the armor of Brutus.

    That would be swell.

    Assassin's Creed are my favorite game series whatsoever... And cant wait for more info about AC revelations and till the day I get the game in my hands.

    "Laa shay'a waqi' un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine. The wisdom of our Creed is revealed through these words. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." - Ezio Auditore da Firenze From AC Brotherhood
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