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    Gladiator Skewer Rework

    Loving the testing ground changes for Gladiator! However, I noticed the skewer, while being unblockable, was still not very viable move to commit to.

    My issues:

    1) Skewer animation takes to long. While the bleed damage is high, the time it takes to fully apply this damage plus the recovery of the move is too long compared to for honor's face paced gameplay. Also the last 4 damage of the full bleed skewer punish takes extra time to damage the opponent for some reason. On top of the fact in group fights it's to slow to be of any use other than an unblockable feint mix-up when ganking an opponent.

    2) No more dodge forward light attack from skewer. Gladiator has the ability to dodge out of the skewer animation before the last tick of bleed is applied. This option allowed players to cancel skewer animation into a guaranteed forward dodge light attack to get bleed from skewer plus damage from the dodge attack. While it would do less damage than the full skewer punish, it allowed players to go right into pressure.

    3) "Against a wall press square to stun opponent". This allow Gladiator to punch opponent in the head if skewered by a wall and would only lead to a guaranteed light after or heavy feint mix-up. Not very practical especially since throwing opponent into the wall from skewer guarantees a heavy which in turn does more damage.

    My ideas for rework:

    1) Special takedown move. If skewer lands, have it pin opponent to the ground and reset fight to neutral similar to a jormungandr hamarr slam or Centurion's eagle's talon for example. A set amount of bleed damage is applied and this way the full damage is applied immediately. The players don't have to hold the skewer to get the full bleed damage. This then offers a trade off of good damage but you reset yourself to neutral.

    2) Make the Skewer carry opponents forward. Similar to Raider's forward throw or Warmonger's parry punish, when they come in contact with a wall it initiates a follow-up attack. Gladiator skewers opponent applying bleed damage and if he runs into a wall he does a follow up punch. Using the same animation as when gladiator stuns a skewered opponent on the wall, he stuns the opponent with the punch allowing him to flow into his attacks like his other sucker punch moves.

    3) Make Gladiator's skewer throw a Manipulation stun punch. Instead of just a throw, Gladiator punches the opponent and moves them left, right, or forward like the throw but stunning the opponent. This allows Gladiator to still wall splat opponents and get a guaranteed heavy if near a wall or other players, but it will allow Gladiator to continue pressure when out in the open consistent with his other sucker punch moves.
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    Do you feel glad is stronger now?

    I play on PlayStation and I am feeling like glad is not better since his rework. Feels kinda half done. Not sure the purpose of his bash, now it does not daze or do stamina dmg. Toe stap chains are nice but usually just leads to a fainted light, as heavy attacks are usually parried with ease. Seems half his tool kit is rended useless. Curious if I am the only who feels this way.
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