I have a new Easter Track out called "Egg Hunt 2021 (revised)"
Be sure to play the revised version it has a fix for a rare "reverse gravity" bug that keeps it stuck on, and descriptions of the "Powerup Eggs" when you pick them up and how to use the "Sonic Hop" Powerup. (Bailout button)

This track is a complete rebuild on the same concept and track I created last year for Easter that ended up on the World Map for a bit.
Some new features, secrets and tips are...

* You have 10 minutes to collect as many eggs as possible.
* If at any time you need to, "reset" button will take you back to the start portal but not restart the game. Use the "start" button to restart the map.
* Two more rooms have been added that are the same size as the starting room - you open them by hitting the buttons on the left or right walls.
* Each of the 3 rooms have secret floors that open by hitting all 3 black cylinders (locks) above in the centers. Near the center floors you can see 3 graphics that represent the locks.


* Sonic Hop: This is the most important one and the course is designed for it. Once you get Sonic Hop, press the bailout button and a sound wave will spring you into the air. This takes 3 seconds to "recharge" but is unlimited. This will greatly help you get to harder to reach places.
* Fast Forward: gives you 1.5 times the normal top speed.
* Fast Reverse: gives you 10 times the normal reverse speed.
(FF and FR are permanent & build & reduce to full speeds over 2 seconds so you don't get jolted with full power)
* Low Gravity: Gravity is cut in half so you can jump higher (permanent)
* Inverted Gravity: Gravity is inverted for 15 seconds - use this to get up to the top areas
* Afterburner: This lasts for 20 seconds and unlike the normal afterburner this one is controlled by the Throttle so if you get stuck against things just let off the gas. You can actually even hover in place using the analog throttle control.

* Hidden chambers in the floors of each room have the 50 point Golden Squirrel Eggs.
* Water World (under the room to the right) also uses Throttle controls like the afterburner when you are under water.
* Pinball Flippers (under the room to the left) are useful to get to some higher up areas.
* Harder to reach eggs are worth more points (point values are on the eggs) & for the most part, higher up eggs are worth more.
* Unlock all 9 locks to open all 3 floors chambers and a bonus will become available (near the start point) worth a lot of bonus points.

I think that's it!