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    Looking for mature team for an Extreme difficulty, no hud squad gameplay.

    Hi all,

    soo i bought the game and i'm loving it. I'm looking for a squad of four to play this game as it should be played. No Hud, Extreme difficulty, immersion. Preffer people 25+, i'm 32 myself. To give you an idea how i want to play it, watch this gameplay. If it is not for you, don't bother. Some form of communication is a must. I use TS3.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey-hoc3k8xA&t=406s - Force in Special Tactics

    Time Zone: GTM +1 (preffered)

    uPlay name: Huczkens

    See you soon Mates.
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    biomag83's Avatar Senior Member
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    I've been playing this way and same can be said of a couple of our task force members (Carda and I are both in Europe and play with no HUD). You might want to check it out. We've been using discord.

    Task Force HAWK
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    Hello. GOAT (Ground Ops Assault Team) is currently recruiting for our task force.
    Most of us are 30+ and the clan itself (www.awa-clan.com) mainly plays America's Army Proving Grounds, Rainbow Six Siege and a few other games. Our GR Task Force was basically recruited by myself based off of the ability to work together and help each other level out. We schedule weekly events for Side Missions Only, Story Only, of FFA (Free for all) to where we pretty much do anything.
    We try to keep it organized and I have personally only recruited players who like to have fun, but don't mind listening and actually working together when **** hits the fan and its time to get serious.

    We have a few game servers in other games (mainly America's Army) and a TS3 server and a few of us from the Rainbow Six Siege side of things use Discord. While it is NOT a requirement to have a mic, it is a MUST because when we play together and are working on something for someone (story missions or side missions for leveling up) it simply makes things easier.

    Our task force page is @ https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en...s-Assault-Team
    Website is @ http://www.awa-clan.com. Once registered you will be given access to the Ghost Recon Wildlands forums along with all of the forums from the other games we play and things we discuss.

    While we have no SET rules on how to play, most of us are on Extreme, and play with a limited-to-no hud. I myself keep the minimap and weapons info on all the time, but we do occasionally ask everyone if they are down for doing "hardcore" mode with no hud. We like to change it up often and just might be the perfect fit for you.
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    Damn biomag83, pazzesco.
    You play in a very very similar way we do, we tried to do in 2019 and 2020.
    I hope our path can cross. No HUD Team
    I wrote you a message, and must necro this post as it's so hard to find similar taste players, I read what your group used to do and that's what we were doing. I was inspired from FIST No HUD videos and decided to play GRW even if in 2017 I was really skeptish. Then the GPU crisis hit and I had to put all this on pause, and some players are not always there ...
    I hope you can check our group (NHT), we really seek for like minded players like you.

    You will find us on steam, via twitter, via discord, via task force (via my profile)
    That's exactly how we were playing, even if ghost mode was a bit too prohibitive, however I liked it as it's the only one that has some ammo management "realism" and the friendly fire thing which is cool. We will be active on else once we done with GRW, however right now our effort is on pause.

    We really like to create immersive experience in games.. join the discord server and you will know more. You can find it via here too if you don't have time to look for us, you will need some time to read: https://discord.gg/aVuBMYT
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