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    Looking for some older players

    we are 2 older players and need some help from other veterans EU time zone we play in the evening from around 19.00 til 22.00 on week day s and in the weekend
    We play Division and Division 2
    Talk trough discord
    look for Shadowbeastman or Wielo100

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    I joined Shadow and Wielo and they are super cool guys, they helped me level and we are group of 3 actively playing almost every EU evening. If would be nice if we can get one or two more people to join us.

    Cheers all!
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    I would be interested in joining you guys, I have discord but may need some additional instructions as to how to find you. the TZ works for me and I definitely fall into the "older player" category. just one caviat, I am currently only playing "the division" how does that work for you????

    let me know

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    Pls contact me i maybe join to if you guys use discord.
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    Guys can you please post your Uplay IDs?
    I would love to join and play with y'all.

    Uplay ID: Hunaid786
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    I have sent you a friends request
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    Hello all
    you are all most welcome

    look me up wielo100 on uplay invite me to be your friend
    then i send you the discord link to join

    Regards Wielo
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    Send you all an invite for the group

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    I would also like to join the group, but I am Dutch speaking but I understand the English language a bit and I play both TD1 and TD2 but TD1 is preferred for the time being.
    My nickname is chief-BE.
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    Bambihunter71's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2016
    Rural Oklahoma USA
    I am in the US so times wouldn't align or I'd join. Good luck guys.
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