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    Ideas And More

    To Whom Ever May Concern
    Please excuse my English, i have autism

    I've been with you for almost 9 years by now and seen this company do nothing but grow. I completely understand why skull and bones was put on delay for so long and it only makes me even more exited for the game. I have so many ideas for this game. I've heard so many people question if there is going to land exploration, why there are only cut senses for boarding and looting ships and islands, as well as wondering if friends will be able to joining, not only your fleet but your personal ship crew and you, being the captain, can appoint friends as quartermaster, first/second/third mate, gunner, navigator, etc.

    I've also heard my friends and so many others talk about how big the map will be. I know the game takes all lot of inspiration Assassins Creed Black Flag. Will it be as big has Assassins Creed Black Flags map except with out the borders and loading screens between each area or maybe even bigger? In the E3 game play in saw many different flag and ship types that have been in world history and. Will there be any differences of waters and seas? in the E3 game play i noticed that the water we were sailing on looked more like the Indian ocean but will there be warmer waters like the Caribbean. In the Caribbean will there be chances of typhoons and other storms at random times, i ask this because I've and heard multiple people talk about random events and seen videos ofThe Kraken pulling down ships that has either been wrecked or that are trying to escape.
    Will there also be other pirate mythology like The Flying Dutchman and having the opportunity to fight or flee. another thing is damage control. will there possibilities that, when in a fight, there will be water that seeps in from the cannonball hole to eventually make the ship sink and having to take time with repairs and bailing the water from the ship

    I've also heard about character, ship, and possibly crew mate customization and the people want to know about this. if this is true there can be so much options of customization. i read on here already talking about flag customization and auctions on duplicates of cosmetics to earn even more money. the idea of this concept could be so useful will loot boxes for immunizations. I do think adding loot boxes can be difficult as long has its not pay to win, i believe it'll work out great. I heard about the single player story and im wondering if its a campaign and if it can be played with friends has crew mates.

    all of these ideas can open up so many opportunities with in one game with being so full of story, history, and culture while being so addictive and fun with out adding a simple battle pass and down loadable content
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    hey thanks for posting- i can assume this was hard to write. Unfortunately we have no answers to any of your questions LOL. For now we wait
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