I was playing the game and I saw one of my other Operatives walking around near me when I got into a gunfight. However, while I was left to deal with the incoming enemies, the other Operative just runs away like the other civilians in the game. I used to imagine that the Protest Leader's Megaphone ability gave me the experience of Watch Dogs: Legion Online, as 4 other allies would fight alongside me in-game, which I thought was cool. However, I personally feel that if an Operative is nearby, this should happen regardless, or perhaps randomly. The nearby Operative should come to your aid against any enemies that you are facing. If the Operative gets injured or arrested, it works exactly like it does right now in-game.

This technically is in the game but it was a bug/glitch I somehow managed to get to work by complete accident. It's a pretty cool story so I might as well tell it here. I already completed the Story Mode and I decided to clear up alot of Operatives that I didn't actually need/like, as recommended by guides that I have seen. I recruited as many different Operatives with as many beneficial traits/abilities to support me throughout my playthrough. I had alot of Clan Kelley and Albion Operatives, so I cleared out a small portion of them. Later on, I got into a fight with Albion. I was holding my own until I noticed that one of the 'enemies' had one of those 'black info bars', that let you know if the character/NPC/civilian is related to an Operative of yours or what not. When he approached me to attack me, I realized, it said 'Ex-Dedsec'. It was in fact, my first ever Albion Operative that I recruited in Watch Dogs: Legion that I retired due to getting better Albion Operatives. However, I always liked him and retiring him was kind of hard to do.

So, seeing as he was about to start attacking me as any Albion guard would do, I decided to recruit him back into my team again to see what would happen, because at this point, he was technically my enemy. Just in case you didn't know, you can instantly 're-recruit' Ex-Dedsec Operatives when you find them again. When I did this, he stopped attacking me, and stood there for a bit. I kept fighting the other Albion enemies, and used the 'Betray' hack on one of the Albion Chase Drones. Suddenly, the Albion Operative started shooting at the drone I just made a temporary ally. I wasn't surprised as he technically was an enemy of mine before I recruited him at this point, but then, because he equipped his gun, once he destroyed the Chase Drone I hacked, the enemy Albion guards started shooting him instead of the Chase Drone. At this point, my ally Albion Operative began to open fire on the Albion Enemies, and as soon as I saw this, I got so excited, and immediately started protecting him as much as I could. It was me and him against a whole horde of Albion enemies.

Eventually. he was shot down, but he wasn't killed, just injured. When I checked my Operatives List, he was headed to the Hospital to recover. When he recovered, I met up with him again face to face with my current Operative (in other words, I swapped to him), and then I checked out his outfits. Why? Well I forgot to mention until now, that when I recruited him ages ago, he had the beige Albion uniform with the cap and headphones. The only outfits he had were his regular attire, the beige Albion uniform, and the black Albion uniform with the beret. However, when I met him again and re-recruited him, he was wearing the upgraded version of the beige Albion uniform, with the balaclava and headphones, as well as extra armor. When I swapped to him, he went back to his default outfit when I first found him, but then I noticed that he also has the upgraded versions of the beige Albion uniform and black Albion uniform. So, by re-recruiting him, I got 2 new outfits for him to use, and I get to keep him on my team! The whole situation was so cool, it almost felt like a very personal and secret custom mission in-game that only I was able to find, as it was such a rare occurrence, just for my playthrough.