In a previous thread I made, I mentioned how cool the Gun Takedowns were in Watch Dogs: Legion (

However, I noticed that the Non-Lethal Weapons don't utilize these Takedowns. I have an Operative that looks like he is a Professional Hitman, but he is just a regular Civilian in a black suit. The twist is, that he has Gunkata, and that's his only ability. This means, if I have any weapon equipped, I can instantly perform a Takedown. However, it just isn't as cool, because that Operative can only use Non-Lethal Weapons, so he does all of the Non-Lethal Takedowns (which are the same Takedowns you do with Lethal Weapons but if you haven't been alerted yet). My idea is to keep the current Non-Lethal weapon animations as they are, but also add the Lethal Weapon Takedown animations, just instead of blood, it is the usual 'electric effects' that appear. This would solve my problem, but also keep Non-Lethal Weapon melee combat engaging across the board for all players, as basically all of the takedown animations are in use, creating a more immersive combat experience with less repetition.