I enjoy Watch Dogs: Legion alot, even after completing the main story. One thing I would like to see, is the ability to use all weapons on all Operatives, within reason of course. I noticed that since I last played, this has been implemented somewhat, in the way that you can recruit Operatives solely just to unlock the weapon they have, and even better, you can even retire that operative immediately and you'll keep the weapon they had as it is now unlocked in your 'Weapons Pool'. This is a fantastic update, and I was actually pleasantly surprised to see it appear in game.

An improvement however would be to be able to use Lethal and Non-Lethal weapons on all Operatives, as well as certain Unique Weapons too. For example, I see many people, including myself, who want to use the P9 Silenced on the Professional Hitman. Seeing as it is usually known to be a Unique Weapon for the Spy class, it is understandable as to why you can't equip it on any character. However, you can find the P9 Silenced and MP5 Silenced on regular civilians too, not just Spies. It doesn't really make sense if all Operatives who can use Lethal weapons and have the ability to use Pistols and SMGs can use the P9 and MP5 but not their silenced variants. It's exactly the same gun but with a suppressor on it, and then somehow they are unable to use it. I'd obviously understand certain weapons that would still be restricted to their classes, such as the Overcharger or perhaps the LTL Dart Gun or what not (although I also see regular civilians use the LTL Dart Gun too).

Perhaps there would be like a 'Weapons Dealer' perk or class that allows this functionality only if the Operative is recruited or something?