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    [BUG] Fast travel between the Dark Zones is bugged

    A few days ago, I was part of a manhunt group. The game crashed while we were fighting and after logging back in, I was put into a completely empty DZ (west). No players, no NPCs, 100% empty. My manhunt status was still active, so I completed it at a terminal (otherwise I couldn't exit the DZ).

    I could be wrong, but I think that was the point when my fast travel between the DZs became "broken".


    If I log into the game (lets say I start at the White House), and fast travel to a DZ West checkpoint, the game will start loading immediately after spawning at that checkpoint and put me into a server with other people.

    Then I decide to leave DZ West and go to DZ East. I exit the DZ West and fast travel directly to a DZ East checkpoint. The game will not transfer me to another server. Instead, I will land in a server without a single soul (just NPCs). I can fast travel between different DZs for 10 minutes, and the game will never put me into a server with other players (it never "reloads").

    But if I leave a DZ, fast travel to a safe house (or White House) and then to another DZ, I will always land in a populated server.

    To simplify:

    DZ > fast travel to another DZ directly = empty server

    DZ > fast travel to a safe house > fast travel to another DZ = populated server

    I'd be really grateful if someone can take a look at this. I've tried searching if anyone else is/was having the same problem, but I can't find anything even remotely similar to what I'm experiencing.

    Thanks <3
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    Hey BLACKTVSK, thank you for the detailed bug report!

    Can you confirm if you are able to replicate this 100% of the time? Please run through this FAQ and test again for us.

    If so, we'll push a report up to the developers for review.
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    It doesn't happen every time, but I'd say in 90%. I'm gonna do a "tour" of fast traveling between the DZs (and then DZ > safe house > DZ) next week and provide the exact timestamps.
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    R.O.G.U.E: Hey there! I just wanted to check in with you to see if this has remained a reoccurring issue for you since your last post.
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    If u spawn in rogue you are placed in a <30 Dark Zone, been that way since... pfftt TU8 WONY?..

    U can literally disconnect while on a rank 3 and above then go and bully new players, system is so broken.

    It used to be so fun spawning in manhunt not far from players and having them all come for you.
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