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    Assassins Creed older games and Ubisoft launcher improvements

    I'm a PC gamer, but recently I had the opportunity to play the Ezio trilogy on PS4 at a friend's house. I was very positively surprised by the fact that the game features the serial prequel assassin's creed lineage and the ending of Ezio's adventures in the animated short film assassin's creed embers. Unfortunately, PC players did not experience these additions, and their original disc version was only available x years ago in expensive collector's editions in low quality by DVD standards. My suggestion is to add these productions to the uplay platform - non-gaming media would be a handshake to ac fans - obviously I mean titles related to your games, not making a lame copy of netflix.
    Continuing the theme of the ezio trilogy - on computers there is now an add-on to ac brotherhood, which was once exclusive to PS3 - about Copernicus. It would be worth considering the same step towards the original ac3 and ac4. Regarding AC3, it is an exclusive add-on that was also available on pc in deluxe edition - Benedict Arnold's mission. This mission is not supported for the current game installation by uplay, which makes it impossible to run a saved game for owners of this version - including me. The current uplay installation does not have this add-on and there is a bug when installing it from an exe file - adding this dlc for all will solve this problem for deluxe owners and will please players who do not have it. When it comes to AC4, it is worth adding to the game this mass of micro ulc, which were available in drinks, shaving creams, etc., available only in a few countries around the world - why pirates are better than honestly paying players? This suggestion of mine is a small thing that will please a lot of fans.
    Additionally, sorting the games in the uplay library - it may be worthwhile to manually adjust the library so that everyone will organize their list of games according to their taste and manner - it may be accompanied by a change in the layout of the launcher itself, which is very ugly.

    PS:Why AC1 and AC2 on ubisoft launcher do not have the language versions that were on the disc during the premiere?
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    Dude i currently am playing AC 2 and it has all the language versions that were on the disc during the premiere
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