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    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag [Looking for friends]

    Hey, Looking for friends to share social events / fleet, ign - xinerubts1
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    More Friends, More events

    ADD on Uplay - SirH12
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    I just thought the same thing, it seems helping friends on trade routs grants you fire barrels as well. Feel free to add me: Legynder.
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    veronica5585's Avatar Member
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    Dec 2015
    There's much to do. And many unknowns on our horizon.
    Hi fellow pirates feel free to add me too !
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    Yarr, yarr, looking for friends. Feel free to add me: Tzujira
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    Please add me as your pirate friend: CitizenNowhere
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    Has anyone been able to access Kenway's Fleet?
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    hi ll feel free to add me : Dracojax
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    Add LordPulita
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    Friends for 360 version

    Hey guys trying to get the last social chest and royal convoy so of course it's just playing around waiting for luck while completing everything else I play on 360 and I played the game for gold edition originally so not connected to this uplay account but one I forgot lol so gotta add by 360 and hope it works

    If any of you play AC4 Black flag 360 add: AndyAnarchy97

    May also play online with those who add me after I've 100% singleplayer (gotta do that first)
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