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    The Settlers 4 graphics.

    To me it seems to look a little grainy and the colors, how do I describe it, almost too bright. I figured it's just because it's an older game, which I understand, but is there anyway to maybe soften the edges and colors a little? Settlers 3 doesn't seem to suffer from this at all.
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    Settlers 4, blurry/grainy?

    Is this supposed to look like this?
    The game itself is very grainy too, although the resolution is the correct 1920x1080
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    This is an old game so the graphics won't become much better with this version of the game. It's mainly reworked so that it can be run on modern PCs with the proper resolution but other than that it hasn't changed since release.
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    Could you share a screenshot of how it looks for you?
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    Hello there JamieBeetle!

    I've merged together your two threads, as they were about the same issue (graphical issues). In future, please update your original thread rather than making a new thread about the same issue.

    You could try running the game in compatibility mode to see if this improves the displayed graphics. I would also recommend trying some basic PC troubleshooting steps to ensure your system is running in an optimal condition.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion as well, [B[IronMainden142[/b]!
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