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    HDR Issue since 23/03/2021

    HDR issue since 23/03 - same time as the crash bug was introduced.

    I can't get HDR to "stick". The setting in the menu was set to Auto, always has been and worked fine.

    Now when the game starts, it's all washed out as if the monitor can't engage HDR or hasn't been told to. If I change the setting from Auto to HDR10, then it switches to HDR.

    But that setting doesn't stick either - next time game is launched, washed out. I have to then toggle it off and back on (not to Auto).

    Anyone else have this?
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    Yes same thing for me, I had to put HDR to disable...
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys, sorry you are both encountering this issue. Would it be possible to provide a video clip of these settings reverting back in-game and could you tell me if you both run dual or multiple monitors?
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    To be clear, the setting in the game doesn't revert, it's still on Auto/HDR10, but the picture is washed out (like when you engage HDR mode in Win 10 and the desktop looks wrong). It looks to be the game isn't enabling HDR video signal to the monitor.

    Toggling on/off dfoesn't always work either - i've had to restart the game with it turned OFF in the game and then enable. I can try and capture a video, but not completely sure if it will show it.
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    Just been playing today and for the moment, issue isn't replicable - launches with HDR on all the time now.
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    Thanks for getting in contact and confirming this information. While we hope yo udo not experience this again, please feel free to let us know if you require any further assistance.
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