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    Crash to desktop after few minutes in the game.


    I know about this bug long time, but I have never encounterd it. Now I can not play anymore. Ubisoft wrote it was fixed, but nothing changed.
    I did file check of the game.
    I have last nvidia drivers 461.92.
    Nvidia graphic card 3090.

    Everything was great until 23.3.2021 when game started freezing and crashing to the desktop.
    Now it is not freezing but it closing without any error message.

    Any solution?
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    Hey there, CZanubis0009. I'm sorry to hear about these freezes within The Division 2. I'd like to see if the troubleshooting steps found within this FAQ help resolve some of these crashing issues. With that said, though - you mentioned knowing about this for a long time. This makes me think this isn't simply random crashing - can you explain where in-game you're encountering this, if it appears to be consistently at the same spot?
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