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    |feedback] please remove useless quest items after they are no longer needed.

    Ive just completed the Sunken Treasure quest, got the sceptre build and all the ships and the queen left the map, quest is done.
    But now I've got 3 quest items stuck in my inventory that did not go away and I've tried many things to try and make them go away but nothing works, I can't sell a ship with these items in it, dumping them on the ocean leaves them floating forever...
    -Nadasky's Journal
    -Richardson's Log
    -Vasco's Honourable Agreement

    Please remove these items after quest is completed.
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    Or allow us to put them in a museum
    Also applies to logs, translations, lexicon etc in Arctic and Enbesa
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    Yeah, some use for quest Items would be welcomed. Maybe treat them like personal Items in Institute?
    Personal Items can be donated for Sience Points and are worth 100. Quest Items could have this property as well.
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    Donating all items would be nice. Also partial quest items, of quests that did not complete.
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