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    [LoL] ~ Research Institute ~ Queueing Major Discoveries.

    Would it be possible to make a queuing mechanism for major discoveries? So, all discoveries you can afford, to be queued. Like building ships?

    Now, when you have researched everything, you have a huge pool of points sitting idle, especially when building projects in other regions, it would be nice if the Institute would just keep grinding its queue.
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    Please create a way, to invest a heap of Research Points in one go.

    This breaks your mouse and is very boring gameplay.
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    i keep forgetting to collect and start another, even though the scholar keeps ruffling my bowtie lol...would be so much easier if there was a queuing system...even if it is only 10 items at a time.
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    Yes, please. I never had a moment when there was nothing to research, even in my current 200h long game, but the queue would be useful nevertheless. I hate it when I forget about the research, hit the max and all the points are going to waste.
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    I agree with this. I've got annoyed that I always forget to collect the discovery. So, when I suddenly notice that I've got over a million research points and reach my maximum, it's already to late.
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    I don't disagree but i think it was more easy to find the item you are needed and make it in 10 minutes than before to try to buy it by random ..

    In my actually game : maximum difficult economicand influence points rules without Eli and Madame Kahina , three AI (simple !)and pirates !

    . i just keep my few influence points to get more island ,at the beginning it was impossible to put them in a trade union or a town hall and more later when i was able , i must do the best choice !

    In fact , that useful for the kind of game you are choosen.

    To me it was more logical to add more petrol pits , clay pit, and mine than actually move it or change it with the research intstitut
    But the game will be very more easy !
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    Research queue would be very, very nice. Sometimes you want few Items, and can forget about one, because of many activities.
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