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    Audio missing in game

    Hello' new installation tonight from ANNO1800 however I have no volume of my characters. All sliders are at MAXIMUM.

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    Some people had a similar problem but i can't find the post anymore. It had something to do with windows meda or something like that deactivated or missing completely. It had to be activated or installed for the sound to start working. You could search for the post or search in that direction for solutions.
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    Hello KEG1962, thank you for posting and sorry to hear you are unable to hear your characters in-game.

    First of all, could you please check what audio device you have listed for audio output in the games settings?

    Some of our titles do not make use of all of the audio channels used by modern speaker and headphones, such as 5.1 and 7.1. Certain channels such as voice or sound effects, may be hard to hear if using a multi channel audio device such as surround sound or virtual surround sound headphones.

    Once you have confirmed you have the correct audio device selected in the games menu, please follow this troubleshooting guide for PC -

    Please let us know how you get on after trying these steps provided by Microsoft.
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