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    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick thought after playing Revelations.
    At the start of the game S16 says that 'what links you, ezio and altair, the apple' and that all three had used the apple

    now this is the confusing bit, at the end of brotherhood ezio leaves his apple in the temple which desmond gets it and then stabs lucy.

    yet the apple that is found in altair's library, ezio does not touch or use and neither does desmond.

    So my question is how can all three be linked through the apple?

    Sorry if I've overlooked anything
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    iirc, there are more than one Apple of Eden's.

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    Moving to hints and tips forum.

    Please post all spoilers there.
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    True i hadn't considered the other apples, but from the way S16 said the 'apple' rather than the 'apples' it seemed as if s16 was saying they were connect through just the one apple
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    Seeing as Altaïr and Darim were the only ones who knew the truth about the Apple being hidden away under Masyaf, I think it's fair enough to say that Subject 16 believed the same lie that we all did. We shouldn't assume that just because he's and AI program that he's all-knowing.
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    Originally posted by tjbyrum1:
    iirc, there are more than one Apple of Eden's.

    There are/were six, if I remember correctly.
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