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    "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" trademarked by Square Enix


    Quite possibly the working title of the new Deus Ex game, especially considering how the title matches the overall theme of segregation.
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    If it takes the kind of stealth and decision making gameplay from Human Revolution forward, consider me sold. I only played HR, not the original Deus Ex games. Hence, I hold little to no expectation from this franchise in terms of delivery.
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    Right behind you.


    I haven't even finished DX: HR yet! I'm trying to finish up all unfinished or unplayed games I always meant to play this gen. I'm taking a short hiatus from HR to finish up Skyrim since I love TES and just never got around to finishing Skyrim (I also want to get the expansions at some point), Bioshock (yep, never played it aside from the demo), Bioshock Infinite and a handful of others. Maybe.

    Anyway... HR already sucked me in. Never played the originals but now I want to. even Invisible War despite how hated it is haha.

    Anyway, I remember them discussing segregation and other things like that so it makes sense. Doesn't mean it's the title though I like the sound of it so yeah.
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    Originally Posted by BoBwUzHeRe1138 Go to original post
    Never played the originals but now I want to. even Invisible War despite how hated it is haha.
    Highly suggest playing the original. Put in some mods like Kentie's Launcher, New Vision, and the HDTP Pack. The new Revision Mod coming this May also looks like it'll take the game to a whole new level.

    And honestly, Invisible War is not that bad. Sure, it's not as phenomenal as the original and the maps weren't as seamless or sprawling, but it's still quite an entertaining title. I'd rather play a cyberpunk semi-nonlinear RPG with stealth elements and multiple endings than the latest vat-grown spungargleweewee military shooter being made today.
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